Hiking under the stars with ICE Water Management

ICE is really pleased to welcome a new artist for 3 months: Philippe Jacquot. Always passionate about photography, Philippe Jacquot discovered astronomy in 1998. The combination of these two activities became obvious, in order to inscribe through image, the moments of fullness and emotion offered by sky observation. He likes to transcribe night atmosphere as [...]

Hiking under the stars with ICE Water Management2021-01-26T12:11:22+01:00

Bruno SprayArt at ICE Water Management

We are pleased to welcome Bruno SprayArt for our new exhibition "Attitude" for the next 3 months. Bruno SprayArt is from Annecy and has been drawn to art since his youth. He started with this profession three years ago with a painting technique that has evolved rapidly towards what he is developing today. Bruno has [...]

Bruno SprayArt at ICE Water Management2021-01-26T12:11:03+01:00

Olivier Pringal pastel draughtsman to start 2020

As part of its artistic exhibitions, ICE will start 2020 between light and shadow. Olivier Pringal pastel draughtsman will be exhibiting his works in our premises for the next 3 months. Native of the north of France, he lives now in Haute-Savoie, in Poisy. Olivier sculpts the light. He enjoys figurative art, chiaroscuro photography, drawing [...]

Olivier Pringal pastel draughtsman to start 20202021-01-26T12:10:54+01:00

Exhibition Pleins et Déliés

Matt.B is a French painter borned in 1977 who leaves and works in Savoie. He started his career in the 90’s with graffiti and then turned to canvas painting (pen and ink, brush, sponge and rag). Since 2007 he has been also practicing live art performance. Matt.B says that his art works are a tribute [...]

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Exhibition “Estampas” from Damian TIRADO

As part of the exhibitions at I.C.E. discover Damian TIRADO from October 6th to December 20th 2017. A Venezuelan painter, sculptor and fashion design teacher in Caracas born in 1960. He first traveled to Europe in 1999 and moved to France in 2001. There he met the Chilean sculptor ARANEDA who introduced him to his workshop-gallery in [...]

Exhibition “Estampas” from Damian TIRADO2019-02-14T16:33:18+01:00