Exhibition “Estampas” from Damian TIRADO

As part of the exhibitions at I.C.E. discover Damian TIRADO from October 6th to December 20th 2017.

A Venezuelan painter, sculptor and fashion design teacher in Caracas born in 1960. He first traveled to Europe in 1999 and moved to France in 2001. There he met the Chilean sculptor ARANEDA who introduced him to his workshop-gallery in Lyon, on what was then the ‘Market of Creation’. With the support of his wife he later founded his own workshops in Lyon.

Today, Damian TIRADO is listed on Drouot, and lives in Saône-et-Loire on the border of the Jura, still in search and movement. He works according to cycles and draws his inspiration from the individual and collective memory of the great myths of Antiquity, and also from the contemporary worlds of fashion and cinema.

He continues to teach painting and modeling in his workshops. And through his works, he tries to restore the force of ideal beauty in the face of a distraught globalized world.

Learn more about this artist: www.damiantirado.net/