Jean-Claude Allard plastic photographer at ICE

ICE is really pleased to welcome a new artist Jean-Claude Allard, plastic photographer, for 3 months!

Jean-Claude Allard, plastic photographer, likes to discover other worlds, other universes, near or far. With his photographs, he also brings back sketchbooks from his travels.

Professor of mathematics and retired, he has been photographing the world since his adolescence. His eyes transform the places he passes through into real works of art!

His exhibitions reflect his taste for the simple things that appear under our feet. He cannot help but look at where he walks and what he walks on.

In that way he offers us pieces of poetry. His immense curiosity and his ability to have fun and marvel at everything and everyone, carefully preserved from his child’s soul, are an essential driving force behind his work as a photographer.

The opening of this new exhibition called “Entre les murs” will take place on Friday, August 23rd from noon until 2PM at ICE / 50 rue Uranus, Chavanod, France. The exhibition will take place from August 21st to November 29th 2019.

All are welcome!

Learn more about this artist on his website.

Contact at ICE: Kristina Kyrtidis +33 (0)4 50 08 06 77 – kkyrtidis[at]


Jean-Claude Allard plastic photographer - Jean-Claude Allard photographe plasticien


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