Exhibition To the top on the premises of ICE!

A new exhibition To the top on the premises of ICE for the upcoming quarter!
We are pleased to exhibit the works of 6 photographers and 1 painter:

Through a deliberately open theme, we’ve given each artist the freedom to explore geographical; architectural; philosophical; humanistic or even the concept of space through their own sensitivity.

The EEE (Exhibitions In a Company) allows the discovery of an artist in a different medium than a gallery and whose first objective is not primarily art. The intention of ICE management is to offer its employees and visitors a window into the world with themes that evolve every month at the discretion of the exhibitors.

Through the vernissage, a moment of conviviality is created, often rich. The exhibition puts people at the center of discussion in this technology focused environment.

Thank you very much to those 7 employees for their artworks! Three of them have their own website or an Instagram account. Feel free to discover their works using these links: Armelle GAVARD, Christophe DUTOUR, Thomas SELIG.

You can discover the exhibition To the top from July until September.

You can always read the news of the last collective exhibition open to ICE employees.


Exposition Vers le Haut - exhibition to the top