Drinkslab dedicated in the preparation of recipes

This special department Drinkslab, within ICE Water Management organization is dedicated in the preparation of recipes,according to its customers‘ needs and specifications.

The recent market trends and demands are driving the markets towards a new segment of products with different kinds of beverages: detox drinks, drinks with less sugar, with no artificial flavours or colours, drinks with organic ingredients. Specially on market water, we see the emergence of protein water, vitamin water, alkaline water (with high pH), low or zero sodium water, caffeinated water and flavoured water.

ICE offers cost effective solutions by offering tailored, healthy, new alternatives to keep your brand a step ahead from market demands.

Drinkslab - healthy food-beverages

Drinkslab for reengineering water

ICE creates and develops new beverages directly from its laboratory. Our experts incorporate carefully selected minerals into the water to improve the taste of the final product.

ICE expertise involves producing a wide diversity of water recipes with superior taste and essential mineral properties. With Drinkslab, ICE experts accompany their customers in the development of their recipes that will differentiate their products and make them address the needs of their target market and consciously supports its customers to preserve its top quality.

Drinkslab for reengineering water

Georgios Mantis, – ICE Chemical Engineer – Development of a new recipe

ICE’s expertise and support

  • Analysing customer expectations
  • Recipes creation/preparation
  • Water processing design
  • Quality control (water management)
  • Prototyping (samples)

ICE’s technology: Mineral Injection Unit

Mineral Injection Unit (MIU) technology is used to put back mineral salts into drinking water: among others ingredients, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium…

The MI unit has been designed for adjusting the water composition automatically, aiming to secure that the required composition target set by customers and ICE’s experts will be achieved at all times without any deviations from the original recipe.

Drinkslab - Mineral Injection Unit by ICE Water Management


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