A zero waste world tour for an ICE engineer

For nearly 6 months Jean-Christophe Harel, an ICE Engineer has set out on his zero waste world tour during his sabbatical year.

The trigger:
A growing awareness of the world waste problem. He set up his project in just a few months time.

His project:
To tour the world tour for 11 months creating no waste and making people aware of this dramatic waste problem.
Throughout continents, Jean-Christophe has contacted local associations in charge of collecting and sorting the waste or equally spreading the awareness of the waste problem.

His approach:
Jean-Christophe started his zero waste approach one year before his departure joining the group Zéro Déchet Annecy. For one year he stopped using packaging for fresh food, plastic bottles, useless papers etc. He used hermetic boxes for the butcher or the cheese merchant, jars for the grocery in bulk, and fabric bags for local producers. He made his own cleaning products and he used a composter.
During his trip, he buys his food and hygienic products from local producers without any packaging and he carries them in reusable bags or boxes. Jean-Christophe uses a filtering flask or some CI02 drops to disinfect water. He always keeps within reach a cup, his cutlery, a fabric towel, an hermetic box, and a bag for bulk items.

Walking, hitch-hiking, by coach, co-navigation, and unfortunately by plane to go from a continent to an another. To make up for it, Jean-Christophe plans to plant trees in different countries.

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tour du monde zero déchet - zero waste world tour