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ICE’s human resources policy

In order to pursue our growth and development in an exacting technical sector, we want to foster our employees’ loyalty offering them:

  • A corporate culture based on a strong cohesion spirit, mutual aid, and numerous occasions for sharing and conviviality amongst each other.
  • A quality support/coaching in their skills development including easy access to training, a strong commitment for internal mobility, and quality human resources processes.
  • A remuneration policy based on skills valorization, individual, and collective investment.

A potentials activator and skills agitator, working for ICE gives oneself a chance to be constantly pushed towards the top by a company which provides the keys to make success possible. Give oneself the means to succeed…

  • Access to continuous training
  • Internal mobility and evolution
  • Growth thanks to international experience
  • Being attentive to everyone’s fulfilment and offering a real quality of life at work
  • Attractive remuneration

with collaborators who are:

  • A source of propositions
  • Volunteers who commit with rigor and passion
  • Mobile and ready to move regularly
  • Inquisitiveand motivated by a desire of progress
  • Involved in the company’s corporate life.
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