Training in water treatment techniques

ICE gives training in water treatment techniques to Analysys

Around ten employees from Analysys, an ICE Water Management partner, attended a unique training in water treatment techniques, given by an ICE expert.

Over 2 days, Olivier Pascaud led a tailor-made programme on various water treatment techniques at Analysys’ premises in Jarnac.

The different water treatment techniques

2 extremely intense days were necessary for this training in water treatment techniques, covering 4 key themes:

  • Reverse Osmosis (membrane purification technology that removes dissolved substances from water, such as salts, minerals and micropollutants),
  • Ultrafiltration (membrane filtration technology that removes suspended particles, colloids and micro-organisms from water),
  • UV disinfection (a process that inactivates micro-organisms in water by exposing them to short-wave ultraviolet rays),
  • Media filtration (filtration that removes solid particles suspended in the water by passing it through a bed of granular material, or selectively removes dissolved matter).

Learn more to choose the right technology

The presentation was given to technicians and engineers, with the aim of enabling them to:

  • acquire an in-depth understanding of the operating principles of each technology
  • analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • identify possible applications
  • choose the technology most appropriate to their needs
  • identify and solve problems on existing installations.

Very positive feedback

At the end of these two busy days, all the participants agreed on the quality of the training and the technical knowledge it provided.

About our partner Analysys

Analysys has been specialising in industrial water treatment for over 30 years. It provides solutions to the problems of scaling, corrosion and biological fouling of industrial installations and equipment.

The company develops solutions adapted to their customers’ needs. They can be involved in studies or consultancy, the supply of water treatment products or equipment, or regulatory analytical monitoring.

This training is part of a partnership between ICE Water Management and Analysys. In a few months’ time, Analysys will be coming to our premises to enrich the knowledge of our engineers.

To know more about Analysys, visit their website or their Linkedin page.

Are you interested in this kind of training? Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about it.

Formation aux techniques de traitement de l’eau - training in water treatment techniques 26/03/2024