Improving water quality and protecting your brand

ICE Water Management secures the protection of your brand name by improving water quality, ensuring consistent water quality over time. Thus, consumers are constantly and reliably protected from any health hazards.

improving water quality - améliorer la qualité de l'eau

Improving water quality and remove undesirable physico-chemical elements

The presence of physico-chemical undesirable elements in raw water is a common issue well known to ICE experts. The advanced technologies that our experts apply and practise, allow us to eliminate and remove all undesirable elements usually found in challenging sources of raw water such as pesticides, nitrates, iron, manganese, fluoride, As, Chlorides, radioactive hazards, bromides etc….

All these elements are continuously monitored, automatically retained to guarantee the delivery of a 100% safe and healthy drinking water.

improving water quality - améliorer la qualité de l'eau

What about bromates?

The formation of bromates is a serious problem that can put at risk the health of consumers and directly affect the reputation of a brand.

The use of ozonation is still the most appropriate method to eliminate the risk of contamination completely and still one of ICE Water Management’s most advanced areas of expertise.

Our expertise enables us to treat and sterilize water with ozone at the final stage of the bottling process, just before the fillers, by a fully automatic ozonation system. This process involves constant control of the dosage and contact time and allows complete and definitive disinfection, in complete safety, without the creation of excessive bromates. The results are always in compliance with the strictest regulations imposed in many countries.

Bottled water producers are guaranteed a regulated quantity of bromates and biological safety.

problem of bromates - problématique des bromates


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Protecting your brand

ICE helps protecting your brand by:

  • committing to water treatment performance.
  • guaranteeing constant water quality over time;
  • offering assistance on regulatory aspects.
  • Improving not only the installation but also the operation and practices thanks to its complete offer of expertise.

The biggest and most ambitious brands in Europe and Middle East have trusted us for more than 30 years.

improving water quality - améliorer la qualité de l'eau

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