ICE and REPASSA announce strategic partnership


“We are delighted to announce a new partnership with REPASSA”.

From now on joining our forces will comfort our presence in South East Asia and enhance business performance and ability to enleash Asia’s growth potential.

This strategic partnership will address the requirement for local support, and it is a direct response to Asian growth demands.

REPASSA’s presence in markets such as the Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Philippines, combined with its expertise in engineering solutions and after sales maintenance, brings a wealth of business experience.

Through this new partnership ICE Water Management and REPASSA intend to focus on supplying Asian companies hygienic water treatment solutions designed to respond to regulations and quality requirements.

Together, we will insure our clients a strong presence to provide end-to-end and high quality services to our clients in South East Asia.

We aim to support REPASSA’s commitment and vision of increasing by providing all the keys to success. Training sessions were held in order to deliver all the technicality of our solutions to our partners.

Fore more information, visit REPASSA.

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ICE REPASSA Partnership