ICE Connect

ICE Connect is a web application to perform the factory follow-up. 


ICE Connect is a web application that has been developed by Evangelos Trogadis from ICE.

It is an innovation that can digitize the water management from the source up to the filling machine.

  • Qualitative and quantitative reports and KPIs are set and issued to measure the performance.
  • This user-friendly platform links the machines with the operation and management team, with features a social network typically offers. It is reachable from any web browser on PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Dashboards give up-to-date information using data collected from real time operation.
  • Systems and machineries evolutions will rapidly be reflected on the application thanks to the studio application.
  • Users are proposed customized dashboards, notifications, and reports according to their respective position (operation, quality, production, maintenance, management, owner, and so on).
  • Individual credentials secure the access to the service.
  • Personalized alarms and alerts can be set according to the needs of every user.