Hygienic design

The design of a hygienic system, i.e. cleanable in any point, is the corner stone of every reliable and efficient water treatment system. Hygienic design is a key know-how of ICE, thanks to a long experience with mineral water installations under strict European regulations. For European natural mineral waters the allowed disinfection techniques are extremely [...]

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Team training

Team training is capital to protect your brand and is also part of best practises implementation. The performance and efficiency of an installed system depends highly on operator knowledge and experience. Team training is a necessary step to improve the performance of your plant. ICE supports the bottlers to efficiently operate the systems designed by [...]

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Quality control

Product quality control is first and foremost an essential and mandatory task required by regulations in many countries. It is also the primary way to insure a brand presence on a market over time. ICE assists you in creating and optimizing your quality controls. We can remotely monitor key parameters to anticipate potential issues or [...]

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High season vs. water treatment capacity

A brand's reputation also depends strongly on its capability to deliver the expected products and quantities when required. This point is especially crucial during the high season. ICE works with your team to take into account the production peaks which require a production to be maximized without compromising the product quality. This constraint needs to [...]

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Risks awareness

What kind of risks do you face? The three main threats for your brand are: Not being able to deliver your product when needed. Product quality issues. Failure in compliance to local regulations. How can we protect your brand against these threats? Commitment on water treatment performances. Constant water quality over time (you can read [...]

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