Team training

The performance and efficiency of an installed system depends highly on operator knowledge and experience. ICE helps the bottlers to efficiently operate the systems designed by our engineers.

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Improving safety

Safety is always taken into account when designing ICE machines and installations. This safety approach is extended on site during the installation and commissioning of the facilities as well as safety training actions with the operators.

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Remote monitoring & data collection

In most of the cases, ICE water treatment installations are equipped with a very complete instrumentation. This allows the collection of essential data in order to operate installations. The historisation and aggregation of the data through dashboards (data visualisation), KPIs, and automatic reports allows to anticipate some potential drifts and keep a high level of [...]

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QC plan

Our quality experts can help you to establish the product quality control plan and schedule which is the most suited to your production and its specificities. This plan can be also adapted and optimized according to the observed results.

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Hygienic rules

Respecting hygienic rules is capital for best practices implementation. A hygienic design (i.e. an installation that can be cleaned in each and every point) is not only limited to the design of the system but must also work in conjunction with good manufacturing practices, optimized maintenance, and quality control. ICE can bring this global approach [...]

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