New line & water treatment extension

All projects to add production capacity are not greenfields and the constraints related to existing installations must be considered. Production stops and disturbances generated by the new projects and installations need to be minimized. ICE is highly experienced in managing this specific aspect.

New line & water treatment extension2018-04-23T18:37:38+02:00

Improving efficiency of existing set-up

Existing line efficiency can be increased not only through the installation of new systems with better characteristics, but also through the fine tuning of current systems and operational procedures. For example, optimizing the cleaning operation planning can generate an efficiency increase of more than 10%. Our experts can perform high quality audits on your installations [...]

Improving efficiency of existing set-up2018-11-13T09:49:42+01:00

Water savings

Water savings are becoming a key interest for many bottlers. In a domain where there are limitations or constraints related to the resource, maximizing the available water is key. This subject is becoming more and more critical for the bottlers. Addressing it requires a global vision and approach of the water uses and flows, not [...]

Water savings2019-05-23T14:29:59+02:00