Process design & dimensioning

Dimensioning a water treatment installation and its process requires to take into account many factors. Seasonality, product storage capacity, production planning (1, 2, 3 shifts ...), regulations, and production standards are factors that define the choice of process, components, and sizing (technology, buffer size, CIP ...).

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Hygienic system

A hygienic system is cleanable in any point. The design of hygienic system is the corner stone of every reliable and efficient water treatment system. Hygienic design is a key know-how of ICE, thanks to a long experience with mineral water installations under strict European regulations. For European natural mineral waters the allowed disinfection techniques [...]

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Choosing the right water treatment technologies

Defining the right water treatment is not only answering to technical specifications linked to the final product. It requires also to take into account other aspects such as the quality and variability of the raw water, the production constraints, the scalability of the installation, the regulations, the quantity and quality of water rejected, the company's [...]

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Regulatory compliance

It is a key stake for bottlers. Being non-compliance with regulations, which are often complex, may impact the reputation of the brand and the presence on the market. ICE takes into account regulation aspects from the technology choice and process design until the operations.

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