Regulatory compliance

The constraints regarding water extraction limitations and water drainage are some of the regulation aspects that need to be considered when designing well equipment. Combined with seasonality production, these parameters are essential.

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Hydrogeology expertise

In order to reduce the risk of contamination and its impact on the production, it's important to characterize the resource availability. This prevents over-exploitation. Up to which flow rate is my resource sustainable? What are the effects of season on the resource availability ...

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Well equipment

Two of the key aspects of the well equipment design is the cleanability of the installation and the management of the water flow variations. A rapid variation of the water pumping drastically increases the risk of contamination with heavy consequences on the access to the resource. The seasonality and the type of water (deep well [...]

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Protecting my water resources

The well equipment must be designed in a way to keep the water resources sustainable (available quantities, quality): physical protection of the deep well or of the catchment area in order to avoid external and internal contaminations which can be chemical or bacteriological. ICE supplies and installs well equipment that allows the cleaning of a [...]

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