Process optimization

The efficiency of an existing water treatment can be increased not only with new and better performing equipment but also by fine-tuning the existing equipment parameters and operational protocols, (such as CIP scheduling and duration) allowing an efficiency increase of up to 10%. The primary goal in the design of ICE systems and the global [...]

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Maintenance optimization

Optimizing maintenance consists in anticipating eventual failures or reducing their occurrence and therefore limiting their impact on production and costs. ICE accompanies its clients by: Defining a list of critical replacement parts to have on site Maintenance schedules and annual maintenance visits Operator training Preventative maintenance Remote monitoring of production and equipment parameters.

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Improving bottling ratio

Water saving is becoming a key interest for many bottlers. This complex aspect not only depends on the efficiency of one subsystem such as a RO, but equally from a global approach of the water use and rejection in the plant. To improve the bottling ratio, water reuse is the main gateway to water savings. [...]

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Cleaning protocol optimization

Cleaning a water treatment as well as a filler is a primary activity for a bottling company. What are the optimal procedures allowing to achieve the level of security required while limiting the production downtime? ICE experts can advise you regarding your cleaning program and CIP protocol.

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Team training

The performance and efficiency of the installed systems depend highly on operator knowledge and experience. ICE helps bottlers efficiently operate the systems designed by our engineers.

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